The future of energy in your hands.

Flexthor empowers its business partners to have full control over energy assets. Save energy costs and go low carbon.

Grid Sharing

Monitor energy flows, reduce peak demand & operational costs

Lower Carbon emissions

Use renewable energy where it's produced. Switch to renewables now

Get Remunerated

We help you to save money by optimizing your renewable energy sources.

Manage Peak shaving with supply demand response​

We support other grid services like local self-consumption, peak shaving, and demand response.

Integrate all your energy assets to an OMNICHANNEL universal cloud Platform

Our universal platform can connect to any energy assets available on the premises like EV chargers, home batteries, PV inverters, heat pumps irrespective of their brands or OEM manufacturers.

Complete asset control

Flexthor gives full control of prosumer’s energy in their hand by letting them to choose cloud services they wish to utilize.

Carbon reduction

By optimizing your energy consumption and the usage of your renewable energy sources we help you to maximize the use of green energy. This is attractive in means of reducing carbon emissions, thus reducing the costs for Energy Efficiency Certificates.

Attractive pricing

for business clients

One-One advisory

on energy utilization and saving

Dedicated expert

to support your needs


FlexThor offers a universal cloud platform which is a one-stop-shop product to integrate each asset irrespective of their brands and communication protocols through IoT edge devices.

PV inverter, EV charging station, smart meter, battery systems, electrical smart loads of any brands/manufacturer

Energy assets can be monitored using our mobile app and local IoT edge device, all the data are stored over the cloud

EU GDPR rules compliant and strong data security with end-to-end encryption

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